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We sincerely thank you for taking your precious time to visit our www.dalajam.com. This website is designed to provide you with valuable and useful information on our company’s line of Services and Products. This website addresses two verticals of business specialization that Dalajam offers to needy clients.

Water and waste water treatment are critical to every industry. Each industry has specifications for contaminant limits in the usable water and disposable water. Dalajam is geared to address these requirements. As a business entity Dalajam maintains its long-standing commitment to our customers and their needs with continued pro active approach, allowing us to provide innovative products and process solutions that meet the water and waste water treatment challenges that face us all. Dalajam’s philosophy is to Associate with YOU, from system design through the life of your plant.

We stand with this commitment and shall continue serving the needs of our customers today and well into the future. Dalajam’s belief to pro active approach ensures the availability of products to meet unique applications and changing requirements. Our commitment to environmental preservation and product integrity ensures continued success well into the 21st century.

Today, Dalajam employs the best, well trained, experienced, positive minded people in engineering, sales/marketing and administration and is highly respected for providing quality Water & Waste water products. We, with hard core 25 + years of field application experience in Water & Waste water treatment bring you the concept of making water available forever, by sustained up gradation & optimization of process equipments to deliver better.

We invite you to explore our website where you shall be acquainted with the many solutions Dalajam has to offer.

Call us today at +91 94481 29414 or Email us at water@dalajam.com

As a company that fosters innovation,
we listen to our customers and welcome your ideas that would allow us to serve you better.
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